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Citystep.org has launched a series of initiatives to support and strengthen the existing CityStep programs–and to pave the way for the expansion of the program to new communities.

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Strengthen the Existing CityStep Programs


  • Provide on-site training workshops in teaching techniques, choreography, classroom management, organizational leadership, on-campus recruitment, community engagement and more.
  • Support a Leadership Summit at each school prior to the start of the school year so the executive leadership can get a leg up on planning and organization.
  • Support an annual two-day CityStep Retreat in New York City that brings together CityStep teachers from all four States –to share best practices and grow.
  • Fund Company Exchanges, so teams from one school can visit another school’s operations and learn new tools for the common challenges they face.dsc_0628
  • Provide Grants to each company, to spur innovation and excellence. Three such boosters include operational grants, thematic grants and special project grants.

Document the Program

  • Film the program at all four locations and edit both a promotional video and a series of training materials.
  • Codify the CityStep curriculum.
  • Formalize the methods, organization and structure of the program to make it easier for students to pass down institutional knowledge from year to year.
  • Write the CityStep history

13321770_1290183914328574_4320434013872793655_nAssess CityStep’s Impact

  • Gather anecdotal material, through survey responses and testimonials from current and past undergraduates, elementary and middle school students, parents, teachers, administrators and community leaders.
  • Gather statistical data, by establishing a method for formally assessing the efficacy and impact of the program


Express How CityStep Boosts:

  • Creative self-expression and self-confidence among elementary and middle school students;
  • Collaboration and mutual understanding among children from different neighborhoods;
  • Children’s attendance in the classroom and sense of belonging in school;
  • Children’s college aspirations and big dreams, through sustained contact with a group of diverse, encouraging college role models
  • College students’ leadership experience and a love for service that influences the direction of their professional careers


Entertain Expansion Opportunities

CityStep.org is in a unique position to facilitate expansion of the program in a thoughtful and successful way. Once the program’s undergirding has been strengthened, CityStep.org can begin to study other communities to determine if there is fertile ground for the program. Some initial questions include:

  • Is there a compelling need in the community?
  • Is there a proximate university that has the student body and interest in service that would support a student-run CityStep organization?
  • Are the schools amenable?


Encourage Students to Pursue Careers in Service 

CityStep.org is committed to encouraging college students to pursue the values of Service, the Arts, Education and Youth Empowerment in their careers. We hope to establish several fellowships:

  • Graduate Fellowship in Arts and Service
    Post-grad fellowship to support a project of a graduating senior’s own design that expresses one or more CityStep core values of the arts, service, education, youth empowerment.


  • CityStep.org Summer Internship
    Stipend for an undergraduate to work for CityStep.org in New York City
  • CityStep.org Yearlong Fellowship
    A fellowship to a graduating CityStep senior who would like to spend a year strengthening the organization and helping it to expand to a new community.
  • Summer Enrichment Fellowship
    Stipend for an undergraduate to have a summer enrichment experience that would aid in their leadership of CityStep in an important way


Increase our communication and engagement with community members, civic leaders, schools, the university community and CityStep alumni

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