• How can kids in city public schools get an in-depth experience of creative self-expression and collaboration?

  • How do you bring kids together from across the city in a common enterprise that builds mutual understanding?

  • How do you give college students the chance to serve as inspiring teachers, mentors and role models?

CityStep is…

  • an arts and service program that is transformative in the lives of young people

  • teams of college students fanning out in neighborhood public schools

  • teaching a curriculum designed to promote creative self-expression and mutual understanding through dance

  • bringing kids together from across the city to collaborate on original performances that explore themes relevant to their lives

  • performing for parents, friends and the entire community Learn more>

Introducing CityStep.org!

CityStep.org is a not-for-profit organization newly created to support the existing CityStep programs, codify their best practices, and create a replicable model, so CityStep can take root in other communities nationwide.






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